On Loving Your Body, Week After Week

It’s Love Your Body Week at BC and I only found this out while going for a run this morning, passing the Robsham windows on my way back to my room. This week is supposed to be empowering, supposed to stamp out insecurities that come from the media, insecurities that come from comparing ourselves to our overly fit and attractive peers. Insecurities that we try to solve by hooking up with each other.

I celebrated by eating a double order of mozzarella sticks at late night.

Fuck the haters, I’ll eat what I want. I love my body every week, and I don’t need inspirational windows or random hookups to prove it. After being recently dumped and spending most of last year in an emotionally draining friends with benefits situation, I’m holding out for something that doesn’t, you know, completely ruin my life. I’m willing to put in the work should the real thing come my way.

In the meantime, you can find me eating second breakfast after my advanced yoga class. Whatever.

But thank you, WRC. I appreciate the sentiment of the week and support it greatly. I will be trying to acquire a shirt at some point and attend the events. Fight on.

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